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we want you to fill in the blank

About Us

alexa-jane's was founded in 2023 after I began planning my own wedding. I had been involved in event planning since 2014 but found when it was time to plan my own wedding there was a lack of guidance and support on how to do it. Of course we all know the basics, get engaged, buy a dress, choose a venue and of course a cake tasting. But what goes on between the "yes" of a proposal and the "I Do" is vague, outdated and more complex than it should be. 

We had a list of over 30 venue options and one by one they slipped away for various reasons. Feeling frustrated by that first dip into the planning process, I decided to educate myself as best as I could when it came to wedding planning to avoid any other issues arising in the process. 

Now I want to help you!    


Our Approach

Here at alexa-jane's we believe that being engaged shouldn't come with stressful moments and thoughts of eloping instead (of course there is nothing wrong should you choose that route, and we would still love to plan a celebration with you upon returning). Being engaged should be the time that you think it's weird calling your SO your fiancé, where you get to enjoy creating a registry, talking about what life will look like once your married and ultimately relax in knowing that you have found the person you want to spend forever with. 

Let us fill in your blanks.

what is the blank that you fill in?

when developing this idea, I didn't think one word could define the services I wanted to offer. we truly are customizable based around your needs.

maybe you've done most of the planning so far and need someone to come in and put the finishing touches on your big day - alexa-jane's finishing touches.  

maybe you need someone to assist you with the design aspect, website, save the dates, invites, programs etc - alexa-jane's designs.

maybe you have an idea of what you want to do but aren't sure you're doing it right - alexa-jane's consultations. 

maybe you have a vision but don't want the stress that comes with wedding planning - alexa-jane's full service wedding planning.

fill in the blank for what you need


let's start planning

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